Facilities & Asset Management for Oil & Gas

Optimisation of Facilities Management and Effective Control of Assets

Available information and automated technologies can better support comprehensive management of industrial facilities. Fusion, the apps people develop and integrate diverse technologies into solutions that address concerns in oil & gas and other industries for safe, secure, and productive facilities management.

Fusion, the apps people integrated framework in a complex and diverse environment:

  • Provides a modern and integrated modular approach to managing your facilities management.
  • It eliminates information gaps, ensures data integrity, removes unwanted data silos and reduces overall risk.
  • The framework will span across the business functions creating a secure environment with more informed decisions.

Our solutions integrate people, locations and process across an entire organisational environment, increasing efficiency and improving productivity of your facilities management, a core oil and gas competency within the business.

The solution will optimize the lifecycle of your facilities management including service companies, equipment, suppliers and other third parties, whilst managing the operations, maintenance and production facilities, and allowing the deployment of these diverse resources, while retaining effective control of the assets being managed.

Facilities Management Competency

‘Space and Infrastructure’

Planning, Design, Workplace, Construction, Lease, Occupancy, Maintenance and Furniture. Control Centers, Production Sites, Piping and Gathering Networks, Transportation and Distribution Facilities, and Residence camps

‘People and Organisation’

Catering, Cleaning, ICT, HR, Accounting, Marketing, Hospitality, Health & Safety, Fire Detection and Suppression, Site and Corporate Security, Automation and Controls, Data Services, Distributed Energy Management, and Building Performance.

Remove unnecessary challenges, there is so much to gain

Eliminate Risk

Integrate and automate your business systems on one common platform

Automate your business processes

Remove data silos, increase efficiency and improve productivity

Integration and standardisation

Reduce IT spend

Areas of Improvement

Data & Reporting