Greater efficiency for all your assets

Whether you’re running trains, planes, trucks or cars, effective fleet management is all about monitoring and maintaining your entire fleet. That’s every transport asset, across your organisation, throughout the whole transportation process.


With a fully integrated fleet management system, you can improve productivity for everyone. From drivers and mechanics to administrators and managers. Plus, you can dramatically reduce costs through better fuel management, reduce breakdown risk and loss of productivity with active machine monitoring and preventative maintenance while providing better customer service and increasing employee satisfaction and safety.


The bigger picture

First, let’s look at the bigger challenges. Many enterprises have highly complex technology infrastructures. When it comes to fleet management, you may be running a standalone system alongside other standalone

systems such as HR, sales, and finance. Within these disparate systems, data may be sitting in different silos, reducing the efficiency of cross-organisational operations.


Opt for a future-proof system

With reduced costs high on everyone’s agenda, it might seem appealing to opt for a low-cost standalone fleet management system, which may appear to meet your immediate needs. However, if you’re serious about your organisation’s digital transformation, such an option is a false economy that will cost you more in the long run.

You must consider a fleet management system that is fully-integrated with all your other systems and completely future-proof.

Disparate technology model

In this disconnected architecture, legacy systems operate separately, data sits in separate siloes, and the various systems cannot effectively communicate with each other.

Unless your fleet management system is fully integrated and working in sync with all your other systems, you’ll face a growing number of challenges:

  • Ensuring all your systems are constantly communicating is complex and costly
  • When you upgrade one system, all other systems will need to be re-integrated
  • You need valuable IT people to manage your disparate systems and their complex interrelationships
  • Different types of data are housed in different parts of the organisation causing inconsistencies
  • You need to deal with different vendors when things go wrong with disparate systems
  • Your IT architecture is not scalable, future-proof or secure
  • Your integration costs are constantly increasing.

The Fleet Management Solution

Data consistency

With our Fleet Management solution, all data is housed in a central database where everything can be accessed at any time. There’s no need to have separate pockets of data, in different formats, in different parts of the business.

Automatic upgrades

If there’s an upgrade to a certain system, not only does it happen automatically, all your other systems will automatically be updated too. So, there’s no need for any manual integration. This way, all upgrades happen in the background, leaving your IT people free to concentrate on other projects.

A common data canvas

In this connected architecture, systems are fully integrated, data resides in a central database for easy access, and all systems effectively communicate with each other.

An all-encompassing platform

Think of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an all-encompassing platform that you can build all your various systems onto quickly and securely. And because every module is built using the same software, every system operates with every other system in a completely harmonious way.

Seamlessly integrated systems

With Microsoft Dynamics, all your modules (fleet management, HR, finance and so forth) are managed on one platform. So, you don’t need a separate bespoke architecture for each system. Everything simply works together, seamlessly.

Powered by Dynamics 365

Our Fleet Management system works within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework. This is great news if you’re looking to eliminate the challenges associated with a disparate technology model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a common data platform for all your systems, including our Fleet Management solution.

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