Facilities Management is a solution which provides facilities management and service providers with the ability to record any incidents or failures of equipment and to manage the related actions or repairs. The solution also schedules and autogenerates planned service and maintenance orders based on predefined agreements, giving total visibility on all facilities management activities.  


A dynamics and truly modern solution that allows residents and tenants to report incidents or request maintenance and services across multiple communication channels. These include online portals, mobile applications, helpdesks or even old fashioned emails.

Social Housing

Services and work orders types can be predefined with skills requirements and task lists  so that specific maintenance tasks are only assigned to qualified people and workers are always  clear as what service tasks need to be performed on a specific job. 

 The advance scheduling board in the solution allows dispatch offices to gain a holistic view of their operations and manage resource utilisation, monitor arrival times and general staff performance all from a single user interface.

Micro Lenders

The worker mobile application, allows staff to see their bookings, travel to site and update their tasks as they complete work and services in real time. Therefore both staff and managers have full transparency on the use of time and materials on performing work onsite.

What our solution can offer

Routing relevant work

Issues and incidents that are reported by tenants or residents, are automatically routed to work queues, where managers of specific departments can assign work to the appropriate staff based on the nature of the issue or incident.

Manage different work order types

The materials requirements, the estimated duration of tasks, the skills required and the associated costs for work are predefined on different work order types to ensure maximum efficiency in operations.

Track and Monitor

Managers have access to real time data on the location of staff their estimated travel time to locations as well as the time taken to complete tasks. This means better management of staff and services provided.

Simple and effective

Field workers will only need to access the system from a simple to use mobile device that they can use to access all the information they need to complete work and also provide the back-end system with important feedback like time entries and inventory updates.