Real Estate

Optimise the Lifecycle of your Real Estate and Streamline Real Estate processes and business activities whilst transforming the customer experience with rich data across multiple channels.

Integrate people, locations and process across an entire organisational environment, increasing efficiency and improving productivity whilst transforming the customers experience.





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Simplify corporate, residential, and commercial real estate management. Our software systems are built within Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain and use the latest digital technologies to help you improve real estate portfolio performance, building management, lease accounting, and more. 

Cloud for Real Estate 

Efficiently manage a complex real estate portfolio and keep up with digital trends. Our cloud-based real estate management software delivers a modern user experience with a clear view of space utilisation, facilities, enterprise assets and global portfolio compositions, and financial performance – all in real time. 

  • Cloud deployment  
  • Real-time integration with other systems 
  • Powerful real estate analytics  
  • Compliance with IFRS  

Competencies within your Real Estate

The comprehensive and flexible Dynamics 365 technology platform coupled the real estate framework and open and connected ecosystem, meets the unique needs of medium, large and enterprise real estate organisations from:

Property Management


Building Management

Lease Management

Tenant Management

Maintenance & Repairs

Portfolio Performance

Estate Management

Asset Management

Fleet Management

Facility Management

& More

Transform your business faster 

Jump-start your real estate management solutions and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support specialists to receive guidance, prescriptive best practices, and expertise – no matter where you are on your transformation journey. 

Areas of Improvement

Customer Engagement
Data & Reporting