With limited user input required, RECHARGE MANAGER is the perfect solution for any company sharing costs within a complex set of companies including, internal, external or third parties, across different affiliates for multiple associates, in a defined international or national group, that need to automate their dues and payables and ultimately speed up their business processes.

Recharge Manager, The Advantages

RECHARGE MANAGER provides the ability to automatically share costs across multiple companies with predefined values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited number of scenarios.

The costs can be distributed through a chain of companies with limited user input, raising the relevant intercompany dues and payables automatically.

Overcoming your intercompany recharge challenges:

RECHARGE MANAGER provides the business with a limited interaction by users, coupled with a high level of detail automatically posted between legal entities when it comes to sharing costs or distributing costs to related entities, in or outside of the organization.

Dues and payables are raised and posted automatically to ensure that the position of each company is reflected correctly with regards to the recharge of costs.


“Not only does Recharge Manager follow best practice, it simplifies intercompany re-charging, eliminates human data errors and enables the end-user to maintain control”

Key Features At A Glance

Recharge determination at cost origin

Uniquely recharge source transactions to different target entities, based on an allocation code assigned to the transaction at capture.

Account groupings for common recharges

Group main accounts into recharge categories in order to facilitate common posting profiles.

Company groupings for common recharges

Group legal entities into common groups in order to facilitate common posting profiles.

Allocation codes and routing for each code

Create unique allocation codes with several different filters allowing for very specific identification of the route and properties of the allocation.

Allocation of groups for combinations of codes

Create groups of allocation codes along with percentage splits between the different allocation codes with each group.

Defaulting and restriction of allocations

Default and / or restrict allocation codes / groups for use in legal entities.

Recharge on Recharge

Automatically allocate an additional allocation group to a recharge target entry. this will then be picked up and recharged out again, under a different allocation group, during the next recharge run.

Dynamic posting profiles

Posting profiles that can be extremely detailed in their configuration allowing for a high number of different permutations for postings to follow. This also includes the ability to post in different target accounts to the originating entity, across region, and chart of accounts.

Multiple company routings

1 - Route an expense from a source entity to a target entity, or from a source to any number of intermediate entries and ultimately a target entry.

2 - Route costs to a project within the target legal entity.

3 - Route a cost to a customer in the target entity.

Tax defaulting

1 - Along with standard tax default settings, this function can be used to apply specific tax and item tax groups for the customer and vendor transactions and is in place to allow for the addition of the correct tax settings at the entities in the recharge process.

2 - Similarly, the withholding tax groups can also be applied.

Full traceability end-to-end

Full traceability end to end - A variety of inquiry options are made available by standard, including some basic audit level reports, detailed analysis reports,
power Bi dashboard, and inquiry-based tracing directly in the system.

Mark-up capable at any level of the route

Add a mark-up percentage to any level of the recharge route. This increases the cost that is being charged on and allows for an over recovery of the original expense, or to compensate for losses encountered due to taxes applied at the target entity.

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