Estate Management is a comprehensive, wholistic residential housing community solution that is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to deliver state of the art digitalised and SMART technologies to the residential housing estate industry.

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Improve Resident Communication

Full Resident communication and Relationship management, utilising multiple communication channels to provide transparency between the body corporate and the residents​.

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Manage Contraction of Homes

Manage the contraction of homes in the estate. From when the plot of land is sold, the submission of plans right to when the house is built. The solution has timers and alerts that ensure home construction process are completed on time.


Comprehensive Facilities

The solution has full facilities management functionality. Whether the estate uses internal maintenance teams or outsources its facilities management.

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Property Record Management

Record and track tasks, activities and events against specific property records, including the collection of levies. Thus the solution provides a 360-degree view on what is happening in the estate.

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Supercharged Communication

Utilizing the plethora of communication channels and the intelligence of the solution users will be able to effectively and easily communicate with residence and therefore ensure a very healthy relationship between themselves and the residents.

Home Construction Compliance

Based on the rules of the estate, you can define rules for the submission of building plans, plan and conduct site inspections and record all activities related to home construction.

Plan and Manage Maintenance

Facilities managers can plan and schedule maintenance tasks using predefined templates. This includes management of tasks and teams, giving them full visibility on jobs, repairs or service providers.

Know Your Residents

Estate managers will have full access to the property records, which includes who the homeowner is, who else lives on the property and all the related information that is pertinent to that resident.