Education is changing radically. Edu365 helps you keep up. Our system is designed to seamlessly unite your whole institution and better serve both students and leaders. 

Edu365 leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create seamless student journeys from admissions through to graduation, alumni support and post graduate study.

We understand that managing student information can be a daunting task. With Edu365, you can now streamline all your student information management processes, including admission, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, grades, financial aid, and more, all from one platform. With our solution, you can focus on what matters most – providing quality education to your students.

A Student Information System built for the evolving campus

AI enhanced

AI Enhanced Communication Platform

More effective student recruitment through meaningful communication spanning traditional and modern channels, boosted by AI and other cognitive services.


Frictionless Application and Admission

Chart a seamless, hassle-free pathway from application, through admission, to registration, with a solution that is designed to drive large-scale efficiency.

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Positive Student Experiences

Rich scheduling features simplify student life, including timetabling for students and staff, allowing for effective allocation of resources, curriculum, scheduling, results progression and attendance.

Data driven Insights

Single Source of Truth

Transparent communication across departments and stakeholders from Finance, Marketing, Sales and Student Administration allowing the institution to make data driven decisions.

What's in the Edu365 Box

Recruit digital native students

Find and engage your future students in the channels where they want to be found. Track and monitor engagement through events, social media and other channels.

Manage Student Admissions

Manage and automate student applications from enquiries, to online applications to acceptance, with improved tracking and conversion.

Academics, Curriculum and Results Progression

Increase students’ ability to achieve their full academic potential by tracking, monitoring and managing performance.

Scheduling of Classes

Rich scheduling tools keep everyone in the loop. Students are able to plan and schedule lessons with visibility to allocated lecturers and venues.

Enrich student life

Delight students and faculty with automated registration and orientation features. Boost student attendance and engagement.

Alumni engagement

Break traditional communication silos for effortless, always-on information flow between students, prospects, faculty, alumni, donors and administration.

Academic and research management

Track research contracts, beginning when they’re initialized, right through to project completion and closure. Provide adequate support to researchers and monitor efficiency for better allocation of budgets.


Use Dynamics 365 to manage financial operations and reporting.

Complementary Products to Enhance Edu365

These solutions can be used as stand alone or to enhance your Edu365 functionality

Fusion Chat

Fusion Chat, our AI Chatbot solution, is an industry-specific chatbot designed to support students and educators. Our EduBots enhance the student experience, providing support from enrollment to account updates and alerts, in various scenarios.

Digital Credentials

EduVault is a secure platform designed specifically for Education Credential Verification. It provides a centralized repository that stores and verifies educational credentials and certifications, simplifying the process of validating qualifications.

Student loan management

Driving Better Outcomes for Student and Faculty

Attract more students

Student friendly system for the digital era

Driving tangible digital transformation outcomes

Improve results and accelerate business growth

Enabling next generation student experience

Optimising the entire student lifecycle from admission to graduation

Move the dial on Digital Transformation

Let Edu365 show you the way.

With Edu365 institutions can manage the student journey from enquiry through graduation and enhance the management of curriculum and course structures. Built-in institutional resource management and scheduling features ensure increased productivity of educators and administrators. Built inside Dynamics 365, it also provides a comprehensive student recruitment and marketing solution, offering a centralised institutional marketing, planning, campaign management, online- and on-campus event management and student journey automation.