Global Fund Management is an end-to end solution that allows an organisation to manage the allocation of funds, loans and grants to designated projects.


An easy-to-use application portal that allows applicants to answer qualification questions about the project, fill in the application forms and submit their related documents by uploading them directly for review.

Social Housing

Project proposals can be screened for completeness and qualified before they are submitted for approval. The project proposals can then be automatically routed to the relevant teams for approval based on the type of project and the sector it relates to.


 Users can capture or import project plans ion terms of tasks, milestones and project budget estimates into the system, that can be managed in a single solution throughout that project’s lifecycle.

Micro Lenders

Make the relevant payments from the solution when milestones and key project performance indicators are met, from multiple funding sources including loans, grants and partner organization contributions.

What our solution can offer

Manage Applications

The solution facilitates and automates the collection of application data for loans and project funding by allowing applicants to directly enter data and upload documents into the system. It also allows users to engage with Applicants across multiple channels to enhance and ensure quality of applications.

Manage Projects

Users get a full view of projects, from the initial submission of the project proposal, through the project planning phase all the way through to the project execution and completion. Project managers have all the tools they need to effectively manage their projects.

Manage Employee Expenses

Users can budget for various expenses on a project like car hire, accommodations, meals, per diems and much more. The solution then has employee self-services functionality that allows workers to submit expense claims.

Manage Finances

Manage the finances across the organization, from project-related transactions, procurement and sourcing, including vendor bids, RFPs or tenders, all the way through to loan repayments and disbursements.

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