A Tower Management solution from fusion the apps people empowers tower site owners to build profitable and sustainable businesses as they evolve. Combined with our industry knowledge and tech-savvy experts, our approach to projects, smart solutions and first-class services enable owners to monetize their assets, achieve operational efficiencies whilst generating re-curing revenues and driving profitable business growth.

Fusion Tower Management
A full sites and tower register that combines both special planning  with equipment definitions so that active and passive equipment  on towers can be allocated  to specific spaces on a specific tower and pinned to a certain Geolocation
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The lease contract functionality caters for both lessee and lessor contracts, each of which can have multiple billing lines attached for rent, maintenance fees and many other charges that may relate to the contracts

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The solution has full maintenance functionality including preventative, corrective, predictive and condition-based maintenance across all tower assets, as well as loan and client equipment.

Record and track warranties against specific assets, whether they are based on a calendar time period or on equipment usage. Then manage any warranty claims related to repairs or maintenance. Store and track any related permits as well and know when those permits need to be renewed.

What our solution can offer

A View of Your Towers

ower manages will be able to get a birds-eye view of the sites and towers they are responsible for based on the hierarchical structures within the system, where towers can be grouped by country, region, state or city. Furthermore, a user can drill down on specific towers to see what equipment is installed.

Accurate Billing

Users responsible for lease contracts on all aspects of the towers can manage their lease contracts with the appropriate start and end dates, and the various billing lines. This is irrespective of whether they are lessor or lessee contracts.

Plan and Manage Maintenance

Tower maintenance managers can plan and schedule maintenance tasks using predefined templates. This includes management of tasks and teams , giving them full visibility on operations.

Save by Claiming Warranties

Because the warranty information is stored against the related equipment record, if it is valid, a user is prompted to claim against that warranty, thus saving the company unnecessary maintenance expenses .

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