Agile lending is a loan servicing solution which provides all lending providers with the ability to originate, approve or decline, disburse, manage and report on their loan books irrespective of the type of loan.


A fully configurable solution which allows an organisation to design their specific product offerings, identify all applicable transactions and related fees and to build their own calculation models. Localisation through configuration.

Social Housing

A wizard-driven application process with document management, quotation generation, approval workflow and automatic customer and contract creation on application approval.​


Single and multiple disbursement options are processed using the standard vendor payment routine with its inherent approval mechanisms and integrated bank file generation.​

Micro Lenders

By having a separate loan book subledger that it is solely concerned with the raising of charges, the management of capital and interest transactions and other typical loan book management activities we are able to separate the receivables transactions in the trade debtors subledger from the loan balances transactions in the loan book subledger . ​

What our solution can offer

All Loan Types

The solution caters for most loan types including secured and unsecured term loans, revolving credit as well as short and long term asset financing.

Loan Calculations

The solution calculates the initial repayments differentiating between charges, interest and capital and allows for recoupment planning, including payment holidays and capital lump sum repayments both during the application process and once a contract is active.

Cashflow Statements

Customer receipts are allocated to customer records in both the trade debtors subledger and the loan book subledger using specifically configured customer payment journals with a mandatory contract field.

Postings Are Automated

Charges and contract line posting transactions can be batch driven to automate the generation of the transactions or they can be generated on demand where specific customer or contracts need to be processed.

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