Industrial & Agricultural Equipment

One solution for all your dealership needs. Rental, Sales, Service and Finance. Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, Industrial and Agriculture offers a rich combination of functionality, integration, affordability and scalability.

Advantage of Industrial & Agricultural Equipment


Easy to Integrate
Proven to deliver growth and profitability it fully integrates, securely with your other systems and is completely future-proofed. It can be built as well to integrate with your existing Dynamics 365 platform.


Cloud Convenience
The Dynamics 365 platform is built on Azure, so you’ll no longer need the space or manpower to manage on premise servers. It’s all included in your Dynamics 365 subscription.


Single version of the truth
By eliminating disparate systems, Dynamics 365 delivers a single version of the truth. In other words, everything’s connected and integrated. This will increase operational efficiency, while eliminating the maintenance and integration costs associated with disparate systems.


From acquiring to retiring, your organisation needs to constantly track and manage a wide range of assets. Maximising the value of these assets through their entire lifecycle is key.

Core Competencies

  • Equipment Management

    Manage, track, monitor and value equipment sales, service, rental and repair.

  • Rental Management

    Gain instant insight into fleet utilisation, effortlessly transfer equipment between new, rental and used fleets with all financial transactions.

  • Service Management

    Global visibility of all work in progress (WIP) and contract transactions; Improve overall billing and accuracy of claims.

  • Project Management

    From bid stage through to project completion, tracking the project lifecycle.

  • Parts

    Connect sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production and warehouse management for visibility throughout the supply chain.

  • Customer Engagement

    Build and strengthen client relationships through integrated equipment and product support sales, equipment rental, and engineered products.

  • Finance

    Full financial management including parent, subsidiary and inter-company relationships. Conduct international business across multiple currencies.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Track your goals and performance utilising Microsoft Power BI.

  • Procurement & Sourcing

    Facilitate direct and indirect procurement and establish centralised buyer capability that supports adherence to procurement policies and processes.

  • Engineered Project Management

    One step-ahead with procurement and scheduling of all engineered products.

  • HR

    Drive greater efficiency in the utilisation of revenue technicians by tracking skill and matching it with repair requirements.

Core Benefits for:


CEOS & Business Owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth



Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks



Maximise your infrastructure investment and reduce ongoing costs with a fully integrated cloud-based ERP solution


Rental Managers

Increase utilisation and manage your growing fleet in real time


Service Managers

Transform your dealership from component to a solution provider


Parts Managers

Real-time inventory data from OEMs and your branches to find the right part at the right price, quickly and easily

Opt for a future-proof system

Agricultural plan on the laptop

With reduced costs high on everyone’s agenda, it might seem appealing to opt for a low-cost standalone system, which may appear to meet your immediate needs. However, if you’re serious about your organisation’s digital transformation, such an option is a false economy that will cost you more in the long run. You must consider a system that is fully integrated with all your other systems, secure and is completely future proof.