One solution for all your dealership needs. Rental, Sales, Service and Finance. Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, Industrial Equipment offers a rich combination of functionality, integration, affordability and scalability.

Record and manage all heavy equipment in a centralised register, where all the associated information relating to equipment can be recorded. This includes equipment types, makes, models, manufacturer details and even customised assembly components.
Fusion Industrial Equipment

Rent out equipment either as long term or short term rentals. The solution has a quotation wizard to quickly and easily create rental quotes for the equipment and period required, which can be then very easily converted into an actual contract.


All the rental contracts are managed centrally in the solution and can have multiple billing lines relating to them depending on predefined rules. Billing runs can then be set up to run at the appropriate times​ to automatically generate and send out customer invoices.

Micro Lenders
The solution also offers full maintenance functionality. Whether equipment is maintained based on calendar time periods or actual usage, maintenance jobs can be scheduled and their related tasks stipulated by ultiilsing predefined rules in the system.

What our solution can offer

A View of Your Equipment

Equipment managers can make use of the central register of all the equipment pieces that have been assigned to them. They can use the hierarchical structure to break this pieces down into individual components so that they can comprehensively manage and track equipment and related components.

Track and Manage Rental Contracts

No matter what the duration of rental contracts, a user can manage a range of rental contracts based on start and end dates. Alerts can be set up to make tracking expiring contracts and automated correspondence can be set up to keep customer informed.

Manage Sales and Rentals

Using the intuitive quotation wizard a user can provide a client with either a sales quotation or a rental quotation on the spot. Therefore reducing time and making the sale or rental process more efficient, while at the same time triggering the equipment delivery process and preventative maintenance with warranty claims where appropriate .

Keep Your Equipment Working

By providing preventing and responsive maintenance on equipment assets and their related components, organisations can keep their equipment in the field and working for them and their customers.