Key Features:

Improve facility utilisation

Provides facility planning, management and flexible space reservation management to ensure the most effective utilisation of real estate assets.

Maximise capital projects

Offers collaborative project management capabilities that help you identify project risks and benefits to drive on-time, on-budget projects.

Reduce energy costs

Use analytics prioritise energy-savings projects and to trigger automation that helps you achieve and exceed energy reduction goals.

 Reduce facility operations

Track budgets, costs and schedules for more efficient facilities maintenance; centralise move requests, management approvals, tracking information and scheduling updates.

Optimise lease accounting

Streamline lease accounting practices to comply with new standards and analyse the financial impacts: leverage split ledger, out-of-the-box journal entries and automate accounting tasks.

Powered by Dynamics 365

Facilities Management solution works within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework. This is great news if you’re looking to eliminate the challenges associated with a disparate technology model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a common data platform for all your systems, including our Facilities Management solution.


Seamlessly Integrated Systems

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, all your modules (real estate, facilities, asset management, property & estate management HR, finance and so forth) are managed on one platform. So, you don’t need a separate bespoke architecture for each system. Everything simply works together, seamlessly.


An all-encompassing platform

Think of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an all-encompassing platform that you can build all your various systems onto quickly and securely. And because every module is built using the same software, every system operates with every other system in a completely harmonious way.


Automatic upgrades

If there’s an upgrade to a certain system, not only does it happen automatically, all your other systems will automatically be updated too. So, there’s no need for any manual integration. This way, all upgrades happen in the background, leaving your IT people free to concentrate on other projects. We

Key features :

  • Real estate and facilities management
  • Capital project management
  • Space management
  • Facility maintenance
  • Environmental and energy management
  • Configurable, role-based workspaces
  • Automates processes and approvals for all services
  • Virtualise facilities assets, space and resources
  • Connects data from external systems and IoT technologies
  • Available as a SaaS or hybrid deployment model

Experience out of the box benefits:

  • Facility management and compliance for operational service, inspections and maintenance

  • Tasks can be allocated to available internal and external resources.

  • Comprehensive best practice (template) model for easy work order creation and budget vs actual comparison.

  • Corrective, planned and predictive maintenance.

  • Predictive maintenance triggered via electronic (IoT) or manual feedback.

  • Graphical work planner display.

  • Resource planning and allocation.

  • Auto generation of work orders from maintenance and service forecast.

  • Documents and permits management.

  • Automated notifications can be sent to internal and external resources.

  • Plan and record revenue and costs such as raw material, spares, services, labour, support equipment and consumables.

  • Mobile integration for all onsite work.

  • Mobile acceptance and sign-off of work orders.

  • Planning of services such as cleaning, gardening and security.

  • Comprehensive reports.

  • Budget and actual cost tracking and comparison.

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