Chatbots are software programs that integrate with websites and popular messaging platforms to automate dialogue with customers and page visitors, simulating a human conversation. By using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies, chatbot solutions evolve with every interaction, adapting to the nuances of human users. Chatbots initiate conversations and respond to questions instantaneously in an accessible, human-like way. When built correctly, they can screen initial messages before passing the torch to your team or promote your brand with a dynamic personality.


Add Speech Recognition

Hear and speak to your users by filtering noise, identifying speakers, and understanding intent.

Add Vision

Add Vision

From faces to feelings, allow your ​apps to understand images and video


Add Language

Process text and learn how to recognise ​what users want.


Add Search

Access billions of web pages, images, videos, and news with the power of Bing APIs.

What our solutions can do for you

Automate Repetitive Processes

Automate manual or repetitive functions and procedures in your business and gain dynamics insights with powerful bot analytics and PowerBI Dashboard. From responding to website enquiries to logging support calls or even assisting new staff members with onboarding, the applications of chatbots are endless.

Operate Across Multiple Channels

The Fusion Bot Framework allows for a chatbot to be deployed across multiple channels. From your organisational website, social networks, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp. Offer world-class service without adding human resources.

Incorporate Organisational Knowledge

Fusion Chatbots are able to leverage a wide variety of knowledge-base to operate. From the knowledge-base in your helpdesk system to product inventories or purchase histories contained in your business applications.

Our chatbot solutions have been incorporated in a wide range of industry and functional applications

Fusion_Edu_Small (3)



Student application​​

Student Management​​


Assignment support​​

Account updates and alerts.

City Infrastructure

Real Estate

Tenant listings​​

3D tours​​

Property Management​​


Document submissions​​

Fault reporting​​


Customer service and updates.


Retail and eCommerce

Tenant listings​​

Sell products,

Advise and guide customers​​

Manage Orders​​

Customer support​​


Delivery notifications and updates​



Submit claims

Request quotes

Lead generation

Customer enquiries Policy updates



Check balances

Make payments

Personal loans

Vehicle finance

Open new accounts

View reward balances

Micro Lenders


Virtual diagnostics​​

Get test results​​

Patient engagement​​

Schedule appointments and consultations​

Reminders and prescription updates​

Property Management

Travel and hopitality

Guest Profiling

Tailored Promotions Enable bookings

Suggested trips

Manage Itineraries

Virtual tour guides.