Chatbots are transforming the way real estate agents and customers interact and conduct business. They provide instant and personalized responses to customer inquiries, helping real estate agents qualify leads more efficiently, and automating administrative tasks. They use data driven analytics to provide valuable insights into customer behavior and resulting optimised marketing strategies.

Gain a competitive edge and utilize groundbreaking AI technology to bring your real estate agency into the next generation.

Change the way tenants and property owners communicate

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  • Property Management

  • Fault Reporting

  • Lead Generation

  • Property Search

  • Real Estate

  • Streamlined property management

  • Document Submission

  • 3D Tours

  • Customer Service and Updates

  • Personalized Property Recommendations

Enhance the foundations of real estate management

Easy and Effectively Building Management

Automated Billing Process

Efficiently Plan and Schedule Maintenance

Monitor Tenant Service Requests

Allow property managers to accurately monitor buildings, spaces, and equipment through a centralised and accessible database.
Leverage AI to automatically generate invoices and remind tenants about payments. Ensure lease contracts, rent and other services are timeously invoiced and received.
Make use of predefined templates to stay on top of planning and scheduling maintenance tasks. Ensure your properties are well maintained according to your schedule.
Use chatbots to manage staff and teams and ensure service requests are swiftly handled. By automating facility services, AI chatbots help maintain an organized and smooth facility service system.

Far Reaching Industry Applications

Lead Qualification and Management

Quickly and accurately qualify leads and provide personalised responses to customer inquiries using chatbots.

Personalised Property Search

Use your customers unique preferences, like location and price range, to find them the property of their dreams.

24/7 Customer Service

Reduce response times by using AI to instantly reply to customer inquiries with personalised responses.

Rental Management

Automate the rental management process by generating and sending invoices to tenants, sending rent payment reminders and handling lease renewals and terminations.

Property Maintenance

Schedule and assign tasks to maintenance teams, track maintenance records, and provide important information to property managers and tenants.

Marketing and Advertising

Analyse customer data and behaviour insights to optimise marketing strategies and create targeted marketing campaigns for listings.

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