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Your success is our success. We GROW TOGETHER. 

Fusion, the apps people create value for your business with an integrated platform, sales and marketing support, and worldwide connections 

Our focus is on value creation, value that your business can create with our software 

We provide you with leading-edge business application that is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and Customer Engagement, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 

Today more than ever, Time to Innovate is becoming an increasingly important criteria for any customer to choose an Industry Specific Business Application. Fusion, the apps people can help you, your customers, your employees and your stakeholders increase your Time to Innovate and focus on customer needs and  let us focus on providing you with  the advanced, cloud-ready Dynamics 365 platform and extended industry specific business applications   

Extending the Value of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • SIS Global Industry solutions are developed within the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Customer Engagement, a truly enterprise solution positioned in the 2019 Nucleus leader’s quadrant for Enterprise ERP Technology.
  • Focusing on the roles with an organisation – fusion, the apps people solutions bring a host of additional functionality and extend the industry capability with Dynamics 365.
  • fusion, the apps people provide even greater cutting-edge functionality & usability to enhance business outcomes & user experience.
  • Research has shown, many organisations are looking to rely on a single vendor to answer all their ERP needs, without requiring additional capabilities from third-party point solutions to fill functional gaps.
  • fusion, the apps people include Power BI reports – giving customers the ability to insert Power BI data analysis across all applications. This capability presents even more value to our customer.
  • A fusion, the apps people solution provides extended functionality to enhance Microsoft Dynamics verticalised solutions. They deliver even greater functional depth and value, that customers are realizing from their investment in a single vendor solution.

Fusion, the apps people unlock new opportunities to drive digital transformation


It’s important for customers to be able to use our solutions effectively and reap the valueWe can offer a wide choice of remote training programmes delivered through online sessions. In-person, customised training can be arranged in accordance with client’s requirements.

  • Pre-Sales 
  • Implementation 
  • End-User

Microsoft Dynamics training programmes are available and tailored. Get in touch with your requirements including the version of Microsoft Dynamics.  

It is our intention to build a long-term strategic relationship with our customers and partners alike and support your transformational journey.  

Our support services are best-in-class, protecting customers investment and delivering real-time value, you won’t be disappointed.  

We provide a fully resourced Support Desk function to manage any solution queries and problems. Our team ensures calls are dealt with promptly and efficiently and that any problems that may occur are managed through to a prompt resolution.  


1st and 2nd Line Support as Standard  

Industry specialists to support pre and post sales engagement 


Consulting Services

We are skilled at simplifying business processes and enhancing business performance to drive growth, profitability, and efficiency. Our consulting services focus on validating your business processes and understanding how our products can be applied to support your strategy and help your business realise results.  

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

We understand and keep abreast of trends and best practice advancements and can identify any gaps that may be present in your organization’s technology implementations and future strategies.  

Our Technology Assessment does this by: 

  1. Understanding the technology your organization currently has, 
  2. Understanding your technology strategy, or draw one up if not present, 
  3. Recommends and provides costing for changes or gaps, including services using our IT professionals. 
Technical Leadership

With the rapid and ever-changing landscape of technologies its becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to keep abreast of trendstechnology and best practice advancements.  We are the experts and manage this for you, providing insight, updates and recommendations allowing your organization to concentrate on what you do best.   

Our services include all those included in the Digital Transformation above, but also: 

  1. Leadership on Technology projects, 
  2. Technical advice and guidance, and 
  3. Representation at Executive Level to ensure Technical strategic planning is included. 

Technical Leadership

IT Specialists

IT Specialists

Let our IT Specialists keep abreast of technology changes and keep your IT staff up to date on the changes.  We have our finger on the pulse of the Global IT marketplace and have first-hand access to training, trends and changes and key partnerships  

Our services include: 

  1. Network implementations – maintaining existing server implementations, advising on changes required, including identified security concerns, and, 
  2. Network administration – troubleshooting day to day user issues, connectivity, PC and peripherals setup and server monitoring. 
Change Management

One of the biggest challenges to any implementation is the ability for people within an organization to change behaviourto include the new steps in a process, as required by their job description.  We believe that change is a matter of practice and feeling as if you’ve had a voice in the right way to achieve something.  Our Change Management consultative services focuses on the involvement of key users and subject matter experts from the inception of the project, via workshops and meetings.   

Our services include: 

  1. Strategic guidance in the communication to all employees, 
  2. Assist with drafting the message to represent the project, 
  3. Help facilitate the workshops where all users’ needs are communicated to the superuser, and, 
  4. Ongoing monitoring of the organization environment and tweaking of the project message as required. 

Change Management

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

With 25+ years of ERP Experience, we acknowledge the complexities around ERP implementations and treat every implementation with respect.  

Our services include: 

  1. Project Direction
  2. Project Management
  3. Solution Architecture
  4. Change Management (Excluding Organizational Change Management)
  5. Specialized Consulting
  6. Detailed Business Analysis
  7. Data Management
  8. Bespoke or Application Development, and 
  9. Technical Consulting (Including integrations)
Digital Transformation

We live by the belief that Digital Transformation is more about people than technology.  While we use Digital technologies to enable organizations to overcome traditional challenges, our focus is on ensuring that the daily experiences of the people in these organizations are made better by our advice and implementation.  We embrace the ethos of partnership and ensure that the most important consideration of the Digital Transformation is what’s best for our customers.   

Our services in Digital Transformation includes, and not limited to: 

  1. Solution Architecture in all spheres, technical, business application and organizational. 
  2. Strategic Planning, whether it be regarding specific applications or overall technologies such as migration to the cloud. 
  3. Technology Partnership Management, where we can advise on the best way to leverage licensing in line with the strategy of your organization. 


Digital Transformation

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering

Because of changes to best practices and technologies, the efficiency of business processes does deteriorate over time.  We offer services to re-evaluate the efficiency of these business processes in line with both the current business strategy, as well as the evolving world of technology.   

These services include: 

  1. Review and understanding of current technologies and strategies, 
  2. Mapping of the current business processes  
  3. Mapping of the future business processes  
  4. Strategic communication around all changes in conjunction with a Change Management team. 


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