Chatbots are software programs designed to simulate human conversation. They automate dialogue and chat with page visitors in real-time to make customer service more accessible.

They use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to learn from each interaction and tailor their responses to the user. With the ability to screen initial messages and direct requests to a team member, as well as promote your brand with dynamic personality, the options for integrating chatbots are endless.


Fusion Chatbots use speech recognition to accurately analyse audio by filtering out noise and identifying the speaker, which enables the bot to convert audio to text. Our chatbots use natural language processing to understand the user’s intent and provide a suitable answer. With this advanced technology, you can hear and speak to your users like never before.


AI vision allows your apps to understand images and video. The features of AI vision include text analysis, translation, tagging, describing, and collecting data from images. This makes AI vision a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline procedures and gather insights from visual data. Use AI vision to enhance content discoverability and grow your business.


With Fusion chatbots, you can chat as if you’re speaking with a real person and receive responses in the same way. AI chatbots use natural language processing to precisely analyse conversational sentences and interpret key data. Our chatbot solution uses language AI to accurately translate messages between languages so that your business can communicate effectively with customers worldwide


Our chatbots utilize the power of Bing APIs and search AI to conduct extensive searches across billions of webpages, videos, images, and news articles. This advanced search functionality is highly accessible, allowing users to obtain the desired results with ease. Whether searching via text or images, the chatbots deliver functional results tailored to the user’s needs.

What our solutions can do for you

Integrate Across Multiple Channels

Fusion Chatbot Integration lets you use a chatbot on multiple channels so that you can meet your customers where they are.

We make it easy for customers to access your business. Using Fusion Chatbots, you can chat with your customers on your website, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or other social networks.

Offer world-class service without adding human resources.

Incorporate Organizational Knowledge

Fusion Chatbots search from a wide variety of knowledge bases to deliver the most accurate answers.

From the knowledge-base in your helpdesk system to product inventories or purchase histories contained in your business applications.

Fusion Chatbots make accessing your data effortless and allow your business to be more efficient than ever.

Deep Insight into Key Analytics

Make use of extensive live reporting, powered by Microsoft BI, to get key insights relevant to your business.

Our chatbots let you visualise key metrics by using the PowerBI dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and make smarter decisions.

By making data-backed decisions, you can maximize the success of your marketing efforts.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Automate manual or repetitive functions in your business to save time and operate more efficiently.

Our chatbots can be used to respond to website enquiries, log support calls, or even assist new staff members with onboarding.

Focus on what's important by implementing chatbots to automate repetitive processes

Streamlined Processes

Automate manual or repetitive functions in your business to save time and operate more efficiently.

Our chatbots can be used to respond to website enquiries, log support calls or even assist new staff members with onboarding.

Fusion Chatbots allow you to automate repetitive processes and focus on what's important.

Personalise Customer Experiences

Customer service lies at the heart of any successful business.

AI chatbots use data and machine learning algorithms to offer personalized solutions and recommendations based on the customer's taste and history.

Your customers aren't generic, and the way you support them shouldn't be either. Add that personal touch for a next level customer experience.

Chatbot Solutions with Industry Wide Applications


Chatbots have revolutionised the education industry, providing a personalised, interactive and efficient learning experience by streamlining:




Student Management

Assignment Support

Mental Health Counselling

Important Updates and Alerts

Personalized Learning

Real Estate

Chatbots have transformed the real estate industry by changing the way tenants and property owners communicate by streamlining these processes:


Property Management

Fault Reporting

Lead Generation

Property Search

Document Submission

3D Tours

Customer Service and Updates

Retail and eCommerce

Chatbots have transformed the e-commerce and retail industry, enhancing customer support and optimizing the online shopping experience by:


Customer Support

Product Recommendations

Inventory Management

Order Tracking

Manage Orders

Personalized Marketing



Chatbots are game changing for the insurance industry in many ways from claims processing to fraud detection. They help with:


Claims Processing

Customer Service

Policy Management

Fraud Detection

Premium Quotes

Risk Assessment

Sales Assistance


Use chatbots to provide real-time updates and assistance to drivers and managers, improving efficiency and reducing costs by:


Route Planning

Vehicle Status


Fuel Tracking

Driver Assistance

Maintenance Alerts

Performance Data

Cost Reduction

Agile Lending

Chatbots in Agile Lending can revolutionize the loan servicing by reducing response time, increasing efficiency, and providing 24/7 support to borrowers by:


Customer Support

Loan Approvals

Risk Assessment

Payment Reminders

Fraud Detection

Data Analysis

Loan Restructuring

Why integrate Fusion Chatbots with WhatsApp?

With 2 billion users in 80 countries and 69 million messages sent every minute, there has never been an easier way to reach customers.

Chatbots integrated with WhatsApp are a direct communication channel to customers, making it the easiest way to bridge the communication gap and deliver the personalized support that customers crave.

Chatbots integrated with WhatsApp let you chat directly with customers in way that feels natural and familiar to them.

Fusion Flow: Omnichannel Solution

Each Fusion Chat Bot comes complete with Fusion Flow, our intuitive omnichannel solution.

With our state-of-the-art omnichannel system, you can manage your conversations from a single dashboard and gain insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. This system ensures seamless bot-to-human handover if the conversation becomes too complex for the chatbot to handle, and it allows users to submit a ticket or be routed to a live agent if the chatbot cannot answer their question.

See the analytics that matter to you

Our chatbot solutions offers custom chatbot reporting capability, so you can view data relevant to your specific business and leverage a wide variety of knowledge bases to operate.

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Seamlessly connect with your customers across channels.

Automate your business processes with ease.